As a middle school teacher, I’m thoroughly enjoying Spring Break this week. It’s been a joy to avoid math for the past seven days. Of course, I always avoid math on school breaks, weekends, and after 4 pm weekdays.

Instead, I’ve been on a couple of hikes in our local Palo Duro Canyon and spent yesterday on a ranch hike near Pampa, TX.

In between, I’ve been plotting and researching a new novel. Two new novels actually. In addition to the mainstream piece I’m fleshing out, I’m also collaborating with my writing buddy, Val, on a romantic suspense novel. We made great progress while hiking yesterday and afterward, while splitting a burger and drinking milkshakes at Braum’s. Haven’t had one of those in a while, though you wouldn’t know it to look at me.

News update #1: A program on Sirius Satellite Radio wants to interview me concerning my weekly Bad Mom column. The column’s been attracting the attention of mommy bloggers and various media lately. Especially my “25 Random Things That Make Me Feel Like a Bad Mom” piece. I’ll let you know if/when the interview is scheduled.

News update #2: Apparently I didn’t place in the Amazon contest after all. I received a note from them that said, in summary: “Whoops, you didn’t even make the 2,000. Our mistake. But here’s a $5 coupon to take your mind off the fact we’re trampling your pride.” Clearly, my pride is easily bought. 😉

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