I just finished drawing a map to accompany my novel Children of Light. I have to admit, it was kinda fun making it on my computer, and took much less time than I feared it might.

Of course, my fifteen-year-old son’s reaction to my map drawing was, “Why?”

Well, first of all, my characters travel across Europe and on to Asia and Africa. That’s a lot of ground to cover. Just working on the map got me excited all over again about this story.

And because the story is set in the thirteenth century, some of the locations no longer exist or the story names are antiquated and hard to find on modern-day maps.

But mostly, I drew the map because I love maps. I love to know where I’m going and where one thing is in relation to another. On family road trips, if I’m not driving (which I usually am), then I’m sitting in the passenger seat with an atlas on my lap giving a play-by-play of where we are and what’s coming up. My family is not always crazy about this. The fact that we have a Garmin is irrelevant. Besides, Garmin scolds me and/or uses an impertinent tone, which is highly inappropriate for a store-bought item.

So, a map for Children of Light simply makes sense. And it makes me happy.

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