For Reals

I’m starting serious edits today based on excellent feedback from my editor, Rachel Davis. I told her recently that I love working with someone who enjoys the story as is, but can envision solutions when needed. She has terrific ideas for tightening the story. Love it!

I also told her that while it’s true authors tend to view their manuscripts with as much affection and possessiveness as a baby from the womb, I’ve learned to wield my editing scissors with cheerful abandon–snipping here, tucking there, adding a bit of trim work right along this edge . . .

It’s all about the story, right?

And I must admit I secretly like the challenge of doing more than I thought I could do.

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  1. Caron,
    The website looks incredible and I look forward to buying your book in November!
    Love in Christ,
    Lisa Taylor Edwards

  2. Thanks, Lisa. I appreciate your enthusiastic support. 🙂


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