The Writer’s Soul

I’m not quite sure what is intrinsically soul-satisfying for me about hiking for miles across windswept ranch lands, through canyons or over mountains while simultaneously trying to avoid cacti, rattlesnakes, bulls, bears and lightning storms. But whatever it is, it works.

Today I hiked 9 miles with 10 other women on a ranch 30 miles east of the New Mexico state line. Down ranch roads, past windmills, across pastureland. High-stepping over yucca and cow patties. Sipping cool, sweet water pumped directly out of the Ogallala aquifer. Spending a bit of prayerful one-on-one time with God when our line of hikers stretched out, and I walked alone. Chatting and laughing over all sorts of silliness.

Though I love to write–often yearning to craft a story when the other aspects of my life keep me occupied–sometimes I need a break from all that creative brain work. Need the refreshment of mind, body and soul. Need to be physically worn out in a way that energizes rather than drains.

So, if you write–for that matter, if you follow any passion of your heart–how do you find refreshment from the very thing you love?

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  1. A good fishing trip is my way to rejuvenate.

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