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All right, so my publisher has asked that I consider voicing the audio book for Children of Light. How cool is that? I need to send a voice sample, and then we’ll decide if it works or not. I’m open to the idea, of course, but mostly I want the voice to sound professional and be right for the story. I’ve done a few radio spots and have been encouraged to find a voice agent, but still . . .

There’s also the question of whether a woman’s voice is the best choice. Sure, I have a female protagonist. But there are two male protagonists and a number of battle scenes. Can I pull it off?

If you’re a writer, would you voice your own audio book? Or would you want the publisher to hire a pro?

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  1. you can do this !!!!!!!!!

  2. A few things to consider as you try to decide what you want to do: 1)Which of the protagonists would the majority of the story be told through (male/female)? 2)How quickly would you need to start recording (enough time for voice coach/lessons)? 3)Is there an expense difference/issue between voice coach and professional reader that matter.

    I, personally, like your voice!!

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