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Hope, humor, faith and transformation infuse Caron’s writing and speaking. Based on her experiences as a mom, traveler, teacher and spiritual journeyer, she touches audiences with genuine warmth and honesty.

AN UNCOMMON CRUSADE begins in a thirteenth century German village at the dawn of an ill-fated peasant crusade and ends a decade later on a sprawling estate in Egypt. With careful research, Caron tells a lively story of faith lost and forgiveness found, painting the medieval setting with vibrant strokes. In 2008, AN UNCOMMON CRUSADE (formerly Children of Light) placed among the top 100 semifinalists in’s debut international contest, the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

Her tongue-in-cheek weekly column, Bad Mom, garnered a loyal following and national attention. In addition, she’s written articles and short stories for Christian Woman, Choice, Church & Family, Church Growth, and Action! magazines. God Answers Prayers Military Edition (2005, Harvest House Publishers) includes her true short story. She formerly wrote as the Europe Travel Examiner, Denver edition, offering travel tips, news, and destination highlights, drawing on her experience as a world traveler, certified international tour manager, and independent travel consultant.

Caron speaks to large and small groups across the nation. To book Caron for an interview or speaking engagement, contact her here. If you’d like to learn more about a world of great travel options, visit her at


Caron is a certified international tour manager, independent luxury travel designer, and tour developer specializing in gastronomic and other specialty travel. She lives in Rome and spends several months each year leading customized and extra-small group travel throughout Italy and beyond.

Caron also loves hiking, big views, eating amazing food, and exploring endlessly. 

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