Kindle Version is Live!

An Uncommon Crusade is available on Kindle. Buy it here.

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Sneak Peek at An Uncommon Crusade

You can read a battle scene excerpt from An Uncommon Crusade here. My friend, the talented author Ian Healy, has critiqued the scene and given me some ideas to think about. You can submit an action scene for critique, too!

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An Uncommon Crusade on

Did I forget to mention you can order a copy (several copies?? ;-)) of An Uncommon Crusade on Coming to Kindle soon!

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An Uncommon Crusade on Barnes and Noble

An Uncommon Crusade is now available on! Not bad, considering it hasn’t been officially released yet. 🙂

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Release Party

Hi, friends! I’m so excited to announce the release party and book signing for AN UNCOMMON CRUSADE. Please join me on Saturday, January 22, 2011 from 2-4 pm at Hastings Entertainment (45th & Western, Amarillo). Let me encourage you to order copies of AN UNCOMMON CRUSADE in advance so I can sign them for you. A limited number of copies will be available in the store. They can be ordered here.

And there will be food. 🙂

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Official Release Date

We have an official release date for An Uncommon Crusade–January 4, 2011. Woot!

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New Title!

After weeks of discussion, my publisher, editor and I have settled on a new title for my debut historical novel–An Uncommon Crusade. I love this title for several reasons, but two in particular.

First of all, there was nothing common about this commoner’s crusade. Made up mostly of young adults and children, it was neither a military effort  nor endorsed by the church. Secondly, the zeal and desperation that thrust thousands of young peasants out of their towns and villages, in the end, proved the only thing that kept them alive. In this telling of the story, the crusade to wrangle Jerusalem from Muslim hands served instead to wrestle Elisabeth, Hugo, and Simon out of their own brokenness.

An Uncommon Crusade, indeed.

Meet my writer’s group

My writing buddy, Travis Erwin, introduces the group at his blog “One Word, One Rung, One Day.” I love meeting with this diverse bunch around my dining table on Monday evenings. And after you visit Travis’s site, you’re probably going to want to stick around for more rip-roaring fun.

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The Audio Book

All right, so my publisher has asked that I consider voicing the audio book for Children of Light. How cool is that? I need to send a voice sample, and then we’ll decide if it works or not. I’m open to the idea, of course, but mostly I want the voice to sound professional and be right for the story. I’ve done a few radio spots and have been encouraged to find a voice agent, but still . . .

There’s also the question of whether a woman’s voice is the best choice. Sure, I have a female protagonist. But there are two male protagonists and a number of battle scenes. Can I pull it off?

If you’re a writer, would you voice your own audio book? Or would you want the publisher to hire a pro?

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The Writer’s Soul

I’m not quite sure what is intrinsically soul-satisfying for me about hiking for miles across windswept ranch lands, through canyons or over mountains while simultaneously trying to avoid cacti, rattlesnakes, bulls, bears and lightning storms. But whatever it is, it works.

Today I hiked 9 miles with 10 other women on a ranch 30 miles east of the New Mexico state line. Down ranch roads, past windmills, across pastureland. High-stepping over yucca and cow patties. Sipping cool, sweet water pumped directly out of the Ogallala aquifer. Spending a bit of prayerful one-on-one time with God when our line of hikers stretched out, and I walked alone. Chatting and laughing over all sorts of silliness.

Though I love to write–often yearning to craft a story when the other aspects of my life keep me occupied–sometimes I need a break from all that creative brain work. Need the refreshment of mind, body and soul. Need to be physically worn out in a way that energizes rather than drains.

So, if you write–for that matter, if you follow any passion of your heart–how do you find refreshment from the very thing you love?

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