Getting Discovered

Thanks to for featuring me on today’s blog! Check out this site for lots of fresh talent in music, writing and art.

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An Uncommon Crusade is available in the UK

That about sums it up. Woot! 🙂 Check it out here.

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Please visit my Amazon Author Page

I have a new Amazon Author Page. Please feel free to chime in on or start a new discussion. I’d love to see you there!

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New Title!

After weeks of discussion, my publisher, editor and I have settled on a new title for my debut historical novel–An Uncommon Crusade. I love this title for several reasons, but two in particular.

First of all, there was nothing common about this commoner’s crusade. Made up mostly of young adults and children, it was neither a military effort  nor endorsed by the church. Secondly, the zeal and desperation that thrust thousands of young peasants out of their towns and villages, in the end, proved the only thing that kept them alive. In this telling of the story, the crusade to wrangle Jerusalem from Muslim hands served instead to wrestle Elisabeth, Hugo, and Simon out of their own brokenness.

An Uncommon Crusade, indeed.