Travel, Humor & Family


Caron offers travel tips, news, 10689601_10152710839118281_5137295098076314220_n(3)and destination highlights on her website at, drawing on her experience as a world traveler, certified international tour manager, and luxury travel designer.

Parenting & Family Life

More than 25 years of motherhood positions Caron to write honest, insightful and often-humorous essays and columns on family-life and parenting. One of her favorite series was the tongue-in-cheek parenting column aimed at dispelling the notion that human frailties and the occasional mommy moment makes a woman a bad mom.

What people are saying

“Caron Guillo [is] very honest . . . . And funny, too.”–Lisa Cianci, Orlando Sentinal

“Caron Guillo writes on parenting issues, only she flings such a fun twist at them, you forget how traumatic it really was.”–Bonnie Bruno, Macromoments

“One of my favorite mommy columnists . . .”–Cara Garretson, D.C. Suburban Moms Examiner

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