Apr 27, 2012: Caron becomes the Denver Europe Travel Examiner offering travel tips, news, and destination highlights

October 26, 2011: Writer Dot Hatfield talks about An Uncommon Crusade at First Person Limited

September 2011: Find An Uncommon Crusade reviews on GoodReads

July 1, 2011: Novelist Lena Nelson Dooley  finds out that Caron is a synesthete in this interview on her blog

June 2011: Updated cover reflecting 2011 Next Generation Indie Award win and the grown-up themes of An Uncommon Crusade goes live

June 8, 2011: Author Valerie Comer discovers that Caron is a research nerd in this interview at International Christian Fiction Writers

May 30, 2011: Dreamer Mia Starr interviews Caron at Four Days a Week, part 2 of 2

May 23, 2011: Dreamer Mia Starr interviews Caron at Four Days a Week, part 1 of 2

May 2011: An Uncommon Crusade is named the 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards winner in the Religious Fiction category!

April 9, 2011: An Uncommon Crusade is reviewed at Book Reader’s Central

March 7, 2011: Author Jan Morrill finds out about Caron’s next project in this interview at Thoughts Over Coffee

March 2011: Caron is the featured speaker at a women’s retreat hosted on the Harding University campus

February 18, 2011: Patty Wysong interviews Caron and posts one of Caron’s favorite recipes  at the Barn Door Book Loft

February 17, 2011: Patty Wysong posts an excerpt of An Uncommon Crusade at the Barn Door Book Loft

February 1, 2011: Novelist Alton Gansky releases a video interview with Caron here

January 17, 2011: Caron is spotlighted on GettingDiscovered

January 4, 2011: Author Megan Bostic writes about Caron on her blog

January 4, 2011: An Uncommon Crusade officially releases!!

January 3, 2011: An Uncommon Crusade is available on Kindle. Buy it here.

January 3, 2011: Ian Healy critiques a battle scene from An Uncommon Crusade on his Action! blog

January 2, 2011: AN UNCOMMON CRUSADE is available on!

December 29, 2010: Interview by Terry Burns is up on the Hartline Literary Agency blog.

December 25, 2010: AN UNCOMMON CRUSADE release party and book signing to be held Saturday, January 22, 2011, 2-4 pm at Hastings Entertainment (45th & Western, Amarillo)

December 20, 2010: Read Caron’s interview on Hartline Literary agent Terry Burns’ website.

December 2010: AN UNCOMMON CRUSADE will officially release JANUARY 4, 2011, available on

October 2010: Caron is the featured speaker at a women’s retreat near Winter Park, CO

August 23, 2010: Settled on a new title for the debut novel–AN UNCOMMON CRUSADE (formerly Children of Light). [Caron note: I like it!]

March 13, 2010: Caron is the SuperGuestStar blogger on Ian Thomas Healy’s website.

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